Of Grace and Ukuleles

Hola, amigos! It’s been a while since I hollered at ya, but I’ve been kinda busy lately …

… actually, it’s been a quiet week, I just didn’t have anything to blog about. (My MSN DVD column should be going up any minute now, though. I’ve had assurances.)

Today, though, brings a new issue of NOW, in which I weigh in on TIFF Cinematheque’s terrific Robert Bresson retrospective, which kicks off tonight at 6:30 pm with “A Man Escaped”, introduced by U of T’s Bart Testa.

I also interview Gander-born director Brad Peyton, who managed to invest “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island” — the sequel no one was asking for, if we’re being honest — with a few truly absurd moments and a genuine sense of old-timey fun. So that’s something, right?

Trust me, it is. Even in 3D.

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