Sales. Huge sales.Let’s start with “Seven”, which is the number of reviews that are, due to various complications yesterday, still to be written.

And then let’s consider “Ten”, which is roughly the number of hours I have to finish them. Thus, this morning’s very short post.

But here’s another: “Fifty thousand”, which is the number of Blu-ray discs of “Casino Royale” sold in the title’s first two weeks of availability, requiring another fifty thousand to be shipped to stores.

As Engadget HD points out, it took eleven months after the launch of the standard DVD for its first title to ship 100,000 units (“Air Force One”, in January 1998); Blu-ray has crossed that rubicon in only nine.

I don’t have any numbers for top-selling HD-DVD titles, but I suspect that the impending “Matrix Trilogy” sets will tell us how many people remain committed to the format as of May 22nd.

199 thoughts on “Numbers”

  1. I’m quite impressed with BluRay’s marketing success. Early on, the smart money was on HD-DVD. I mean everybody already knew what HD was. What the #*$& is blue ray, right? I wonder if the HD-DVD camp underestimated the BlueRay camp.

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