Aw, Hell

Born to fightSo it’s going to be like this, is it?Sony touts its Blu-ray sales numbers on “Casino Royale”, and Toshiba pops out an “oh, yeah?” press release listing 70-odd new HD-DVD titles coming in the next three months from various studio partners — including such Universal gotta-haves as “Streets of Fire”, “The Bourne Identity” and my beloved “Shaun of the Dead”.

With Toshiba slashing prices on its current players, and a budget-priced Chinese machine hovering not too far in the future, does this mean HD-DVD is rallying for a final stand? Is that even possible?

As the comments on the relevant Engadget post demonstrate, we’re way past respectable debate here, but I honestly have no idea how this will play to the partisans. Too little, too late? Or “plenty”, but still too late? There are a lot of Blu-ray players out there now, even if they do look like gaming machines.

And: Yes, I must own “Streets of Fire”. Let me have my bliss.

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  1. I won’t touch HD until one format wins or a reasonable priced dual player comes out. Had Beta and still have a Laser Disc player, I don’t need something else to store in the closet. When a dual player comes out put me down for Streets of Fire, until then my DVD copy of it will have to do. Reg

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