Now, This is Helpful

Robert Englund wanted too much moneyI’ve told you about io9, right? The geek site created by tech and culture journalist Annalee Newitz a couple of years back that’s become an invaluable source for nerdcore commentary and some very fine “Lost”, “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” coverage … as well providing news of everything Felicia Day does (even the weird stuff), and all sorts of spoilers that I don’t even glance at? Yeah, that’s the one.

Well, io9 has recently inaugurated a new television section, “TV Ate My Brain!“. (As far as I can tell, they did it so Meredith Woerner’s marvelous “True Blood” recaps have some sort of official standing.) Today, that section runs a comprehensive Fall Movie Preview, which you should probably check out if you’re at all curious about the new version of “V” (I kind of am), the latest new direction for “Heroes” (I am not), or whatever “Flash Forward” is.

It’s funny — with all the film festival stuff going on, I kind of forgot there was a new TV season starting up. But that’s probably because “Lost” and “Chuck” don’t return until 2010, and therefore the rest of 2009 can have no meaning.