Normal Service Resumes

So we moved! It was a rough day, but it’s over now and Winnie is just getting used to the idea that she has more floors to explore and protect. (She thinks she’s a watchdog, but honestly? She’s just noisy.)

And now that all of that is over, all we have left to deal with are our full-time jobs and our aging parents — so that’ll be a breeze, right?

Anyhow. I managed to get an episode of Someone Else’s Movie out this week, because sleep is for the weak, so you get to enjoy my conversation with Calgary writer-director Berkely Brady — whose creepy new thriller Dark Nature is now streaming on Hollywood Suite after its spring theatrical run — about what only feels like an incongruous choice: Garry Marshall’s Beaches.

You’ll be happy to know I kept myself from doing my Garry voice, which is pretty good but nowhere near as good as Paul F. Tompkins’ truly majestic interpretation. (This Comedy Bang Bang episode, featuring Gillian Jacobs, may be the hardest I’ve ever laughed at Tompkins’ work — and that’s really saying something.)

So you should check that out, and listen to Berkley’s thoughts on melodrama, the dynamics of female friendship, the cinema of Douglas Sirk and plenty more. It’s right there on  Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher and/or Spotify,  or download the episode directly from the web and send it to the person who knows you best in all the world. That’d be nice.

And then, eventually, you’ll find that new edition of Shiny Things I’ve been trying to write for the last ten days — the one with reviews of Blackberry and Fast X, and a giveaway for the latter! Keep an eye out for that, and if you’re not already a subscriber … well, maybe you should be? It’s pretty good.

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