No Regrets for Our Youth

Molly, we need ten percent more 'disaffected'So last night’s Retro Reels screening was kind of surreal; I’ve known Erica Ehm for years — our dogs used to hang out together — and it was amazing to see a crowd responding to her in a specifically 1980s  context. It was also amazing to see the diversity of that crowd, which ranged from Twitter-savvy teens to people in their fifties, answering the musical question “Who comes to see a free screening of a fairly forgettable John Hughes production?”

After we did our little introduction thing, Harbourfront’s nice social-media person sat us down for a video podcast that’s supposed to go up later today. I’ll post the link when it’s available, but I must caution you: It’s in HD, and I was already a little moist from the humidity. I may look like a ghoul.

Speaking of Harbourfront stuff, I take a look at another of their free film series in today’s NOW — specifically, the film component of Beats, Breaks & Culture, which will be screening “Urgh! A Music War” and “24 Hour Party People” on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, at the Studio Theatre. Here’s the piece.

Also worth a look, internet-wise: The Onion AV Club’s latest inventory, gathering 17 films and television shows which take the mickey out of critics. Because we have too much mickey, I guess.