No Good Deed, Something Something

This week’s issue of NOW is a very special issue to many of our hearts, focusing on the rescue dog movement and its intersection with an evolving social consciousness among millennials.

I am not a millennial, but we have Dexter, so they asked me to write a thing about how we got him. I think it turned out pretty well.

(I mean, it obviously turned out great for him.)

One thought on “No Good Deed, Something Something”

  1. Both my previous cat (*sniff*) and current cat have been strays who showed up just as winter was starting and were both of an age to be hitting their first mating season, following their hormones and getting lost. (Living in an apartment now, I’m not sure how my next feline familiar will find me when the time comes.) They couldn’t be more different from each other and each perfect in its own way.

    As I remember saying when you were considering keeping Dexter all those years ago, good animals deserve good people. Strays, shelter animals, rescues, whatever. They need homes and give so much uncomplicated love in return.

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