Night Sweats

What do you mean, don't go in the basement?With Halloween approaching and the shelves creaking with new horror movies, how could I not dedicate this week’s MSN DVD column to discs that go bump in the night?

I couldn’t not, obviously. So I did, with a special focus on Pieter Van Hees’ unsettling “Left Bank”, which comes to video in North America just in time to capitalize on the renewed focus on Roman Polanski’s filmography.

Seriously, if you’ve been meaning to rewatch “Repulsion” or “The Tenant”, “Left Bank” will make you even more eager — or anxious — to do so. And what better way to mark the season by giving yourself a good old-fashioned case of the disturbias?

2 thoughts on “Night Sweats”

  1. Sorry to disagree with one of the rules on your list, but always ALWAYS rescue the cat. No particular survival benefit will ensue since the cat will drop you in a heartbeat if you get in danger, but cats are just worth it. Maybe rescue a dog to protect you and the cat?

  2. That’s one of Jonathan Crocker’s pieces, so I can’t be held responsible for any injury that might result from following (or disregarding) his rules.

    Personally, I’d always go back for the cat. The little bastards never appreciate the effort, but that’s not really the point.

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