Long Live the New Flesh

Careful, it bitesSo this is kind of cool: David Cronenberg’s “Videodrome” is screening tonight as the final piece in Cinematheque Ontario TIFF Cinematheque’s Toronto on Film series, and Adam and I have volunteered to introduce it on behalf of the Toronto Film Critics Association. I’ve blurbed it briefly on the NOW Daily page.

What makes it cool? Well, several things. First, it’s “Videodrome”, a genuine visionary masterpiece, and while the Criterion DVD is very nice, it’s no substitute for a 35mm presentation on a proper screen. Second, Cronenberg himself will be in attendance, and I’m quite curious to hear what he has to say about this particular film — and its predictions of a world of interactive screens — a quarter-century later.

The downside? It’s already sold out. So I’m basically just taunting you here. Sorry about that.

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