Nicolas the Mad

Your smoothness is strange and troubling to meSo it turns out that there’s an upside to staying up all night while the plumbers wait for one’s bathroom to flood again, in order to trace the source of the water coursing through one’s basement: One gets to really exploit all that time one would normally spend, you know, sleeping.

Oddly, my frame of mind after that 25-hour day — which included a leisurely afternoon barbecue, a rocking evening concert and a lot of panicked midnight heavy lifting — turned out to be just about ideal for today’s Sympatico/MSN DVD column.

See, I imagine Nicolas Cage spent a lot of time in a similarly altered state while working on “Ghost Rider”, possibly even staying up all night running around his hotel shouting “I’m the Ghost Rider! I’m the Ghost Rider!” at random passers-by.

One thinks of these things, at the 26th hour.

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