Men in Trouble

Damn, but I look good in CanaliIf there’s a common thread running through this week’s releases, it’s just that guys have a tendency to get in over their heads.


The Heartbreak Kid“: Ben Stiller marries the wrong girl, meets the right one on his honeymoon, and gets into a world of hurt, particularly since the Farrelly brothers are behind the wheel.

Lust, Caution“: Tony Leung Chiu Wai, and his testicles, are seduced and endangered by sultry resistance agent Wei Tang in Ang Lee’s ever so beautiful, and ever so grindingly slow, espionage drama.

Michael Clayton“: George Clooney does his George Clooney thing — by which I mean making a terrific, lived-in performance look almost tossed-off — in Tony Gilroy’s corporate drama about a lawyer who rediscovers his moral center at the worst possible time.

No End in Sight“: Charles Ferguson’s documentary about the mixture of arrogance, inexperience and ignorance that doomed George W. Bush’s attempt to remake Iraq is patient, objective and absolutely devastating.

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising“: Y’know, if you’re going to make a movie about a teenager who learns he’s the heir to a magical English legacy and destined to save the world from darkness, you really shouldn’t make it on the cheap in Romania. Especially if it’s based on a book which, from all appearances, you didn’t bother to read.

Also opening today: “The Darjeeling Limited”, which I have yet to see but which Rick reviewed, and “Feel the Noise”, which was not screened for review, but is now my Thanksgiving Day obligation. So, hooray for me.

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