Meme Day

Thank you, mintyferret.comSo I quietly reveal my fascination with LOLcats last week, and suddenly they’re everywhere: “The Big Bang Theory” offered them a shout-out on last week’s episode, ran what appears to be a serious essay about their sociological significance over the weekend, and the Onion AV Club has used the new “I Can Has Cheezburger?” book as the anchor in its weekly list of websites that became meatspace publications.

… oh, there’s a book. That explains everything.

Also, speaking of things that delight and intrigue me, the AV Club’s Jason Heller has posted what he believes to be the greatest cover song ever recorded. I respectfully disagree — it’s no Hendrix-does-Dylan or TMBG-does-Cub — but it did make me smile.

Carry on.

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