Lowered Stakes

cdn.indiewireIn one of those moments that gives you hope for the future, David Fincher’s Gone Girl kept the un-good Dracula Untold from topping the weekend box-office, which with any luck will make Universal reconsider its fairly stupid plan to build a shared universe out of its classic-monster properties.

(Said shared universe would presumably stitch together Luke Evans’ unimpressive Dracula with Hugo Weaving’s newly anointed Wolf Man and have them stare daggers at Brendan Fraser for two hours while waiting for some new version of Victor Frankenstein to arrive. Bleah.)

But yes! Gone Girl made $26.8 million to Dracula Untold‘s $23.5 million, so pulp-literary adaptations win out over CG monster mashes and all is right with the world.

Disney’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day came in third with a just-okay $19.1 million, while The Judge opened in fifth with $13.3 million. And the Conjuring prequel Annabelle dropped to fourth with $16.4 million, because scary dolls are a lot less scary on their second weekend.

Okay then.

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