Look, We Can’t All Be Amazing

102251_galA new month, a new Marvel movie — though this one exists outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so on and so forth. But however you look at it, there’s nothing else willing to challenge it this week.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Aka Spider-Man 5, aka Let’s Make Emma Stone Even More Awesome, aka This Andrew Garfield Guy Is Really Quite Good, Isn’t He? Marc Webb does exactly the same things he did in the last one, and it’s enough for a good time.
Cinco De Mayo: The Battle: Just as Kid Cannabis opened a few days before 4/20, Rafael Lara’s lavish but kinda dull retelling of the Battle of Puebla is arriving in theatres to court Toronto’s apparently considerable Mexican population. Review online soon.
Joe: Nicolas Cage is pretty amazing himself in David Gordon Green’s drama about a man with a troubled past who reaches out to an even more troubled kid (Tye Sheridan). The movie’s fairly ordinary, though.
That Burning Feeling: A bout with VD gives a yuppie (Paulo Costanzo) a chance to re-evaluate his priorites in this entertaining Vancouver comedy which features such very fun people as John Cho and Emily Hampshire.
And that’s everything, because no studio would dare program anything against a Spider-Man movie. But wait until you see what next week looks like …

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