Breaking Through


There’s no point trying to write something about the latest chapters in the ongoing Rob Ford crisis, because by the time you’ll read this we’ll have moved on to a whole new volume. All I know is that when I clicked “Publish” just now, everyone was operating under the assumption that he was still alive.

Shall we pretend the world is still sane and look at my real job?

Hot Docs is still a going concern, so I have a chat with documentary legend Barbara Kopple and a couple of final-weekend reviews in this week’s NOW — but wait, there’s more!

Like the Toronto Jewish Film Festival, which starts tonight — and I contributed to our review package here, here and here. I also talk to John Cho about his new comedy That Burning Feeling, which doesn’t feature anyone smoking crack cocaine or drunkenly challenging people to a fight.

It’s obviously a work of fiction.

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