Look to the Future!

Postponing my movie won't bring back your goddamn honey, eitherI’ve banged out a Spring Movie Preview for MSN, tracking the March-April release slate; if you’re trying to plan your moviegoing for the coming weeks, you might want to take a look.

But this is interesting: The Nicolas Cage medieval thriller “Season of the Witch” has disappeared from the schedule just weeks before it was slated to open.

What’s the deal, Lionsgate (in the U.S.) and Alliance (in Canada)? After “The Wicker Man”, “National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets” and “Knowing”, a Nicolas Cage vehicle has a long way to go before it can be deemed unreleasable.

In more encouragng news, Conan O’Brien is tweeting. And his first post is funnier than anything Jay Leno’s done in, like, a decade.

That ginger fella’s going to come through this just fine, you’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Look to the Future!”

  1. I’ve been extremely apprehensive about the American remake of Death at a Funeral ever since I heard about it. I’m almost as enthusiastic about the British one as you are about the also wonderful Shaun of the Dead. Great that Peter Dinklage is reprising his role. But without Alan Tudyk it just won’t be the same.

    And wouldn’t it be enjoyably cathartic to just see Gordon Gecko get the snot beaten out of him for two hours? I’d pay to see that! (I just finished reading a biography about Ayn Rand…I’m a little greed-ed and selfish-ed out right now.)

  2. Completely unrelated…Just read that Tim Burton is going to do Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Not Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I don’t care how “in” vampires are right now, wrong choice. I mean, have you tried to get rotting corpse stains out of muslin?

  3. I think I would enjoy a “Wall Street” sequel where Gordon Gekko is dragged before Congress and forced to apologize over and over again. Especially if Garry Shandling turns up as one of the angry politicians. (Sorry, I’m just loving that “Iron Man 2” trailer.)

    As for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”, I only want to see it if it’s produced in stop-motion, or if Stephen Sondheim can be roped into writing a song score for it. Otherwise I fear Mr. Burton and I have nothing further to say to one another.

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