An Event is Occurring

Why yes, I do think my outfit is slicker than yoursThe latest issue of NOW offers some entertaining diversions, including my interview with Don Cheadle, co-star of “Brooklyn’s Finest” and the impending “Iron Man 2”, a look at the World of Comedy Film Festival and Benjamin Boles’ cover story on the band Zeus, who — as it happens — will be the musical guests on CBC Radio One’s “Go!” this weekend.

Why am I mentioning a band you’ve (probably) never heard of? Why, because I too will be appearing on “Go!”, for a very special episode, “The Worst Movie Ever!“. I’ll be appearing with Adam Nayman and Jennie Punter on the program, which airs Saturday morning at 10:30am on Radio One.
Want to be part of the live studio audience? Tickets are still available here.

Or you can stay indoors and listen from the comfort of your nice, warm bed. Not that I’m trying to sway you one way or the other.