Living Legends

Me and Ralph Fucking SteadmanThis week’s NOW finds me talking to none other than Ralph Freaking Steadman, who came to TIFF last year with the documentary For No Good Reason.

You’ll notice most of the piece focuses on Charlie and Lucy Paul, the filmmakers. That’s because Steadman is a true Welshman, and speaks almost exclusively in long, looping anecdotal paragraphs. If you scroll down to the audio clips, you’ll find a lot of Steadman there, and all of those stories are delightful. But yeah, the text version will seem a little light.

I also chat with Lake Bell, who plays a very smartly defined part opposite Jon Hamm in Million Dollar Arm, this week’s other studio picture. And in advance of the advent of Godzilla, I whipped up a Top 5 of other giant-monster movies.

Five years ago, would you have ever imagined Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm starring in duelling summer studio releases? Isn’t that just the best thing? And yes, you’ll want to catch them both tomorrow.

Tonight, though, consider checking out Alain Resnais’ Je T’Aime, Je T’Aime, screening at the Lightbox in a new 35mm print. It’s really something special. No rampaging lizards, but it does have a mouse in a little globe thing.

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