Lives of Excess

Ken Jeong Hangover IIIThree more interviews today, all in the new issue of NOW — and with very different people.

I bag my first Community cast member, Ken Jeong, under the guise of discussing The Hangover Part III; I have a Q&A with Epic producer-director Chris Wedge, even though I didn’t like his movie very much.

And I was similarly cool towards Something in the Air at TIFF last fall, but when Olivier Assayas bounced through town earlier this month I couldn’t pass up the chance to talk to him again. He’s swell.

I will admit it’s been difficult to keep my mind on my work as the Rob Ford crack scandal continues to eat its way through the city. Just hours after his brother Doug tried to shame the media into leaving his poor baby brother alone (because, you know, it’s totally mean and unfair to investigate allegations of wrongdoing, abuse of office and smoking fucking crack leveled at the city’s chief magistrate), Rob was booted from his position as football coach at Don Bosco, which was clearly the only thing that brought the poor dumb bastard any pleasure.

If he really does have a drug problem, this could be the thing that sends him on a major binge. I truly hope his family and his handlers are working to counter this. I don’t want the guy to be mayor — he’s awful at it — but I don’t want him dead, either. Here’s hoping for the healthiest possible outcome.

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