The Conversations

RomanekCheck it out — a rare Wednesday post filled with ever so many interviews!

I’ve been pretty busy on the MSN Movies front; here’s me chatting with Star Trek Into Darkness bit player Nazneen ContractorOne Hour Photo director Mark Romanek and Great Escape producer Walter Mirisch.

Interesting people talking about interesting projects … even if Contractor isn’t quite as central to the mysteries of her movie as she seemed to think she was when we spoke last month. That’s show biz for you, I guess.

Oh, and also, a documentary called The Rep is making its Toronto premiere tonight at 7 pm at the Revue Cinema. I’m in it, and I know most of the people involved with it, so I can’t formally review it or anything, but having seen the film, I freely offer my endorsement.  If you’re interested in the short, tragic history of the Toronto Underground Cinema — or if you just have a fondness for the little neighborhood cinemas which  are in the process of disappearing from the face of the Earth — you might want to check it out.

It’s playing again tomorrow night at 9:30 pm, and on Friday it moves to the Big Picture Cinema on the other side of town. Go see.

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