… Like It’s Shark Week

Tonight! Months in the making! Years, actually, since we first bonded over discussing Steven Spielberg’s 1975 masterpiece on an episode of Someone Else’s Movie almost three years ago: Paul Sun-Hyung Lee and I finally talked a movie theater into letting us show Jaws.

It’s our birthday present to ourselves, and to everyone else who’s looking to enjoy one of the greatest American movies ever made as it was meant to be enjoyed: On a hot summer day, on a decent-sized screen, with a snack bar in close proximity. Come be part of the crowd. 6:45 pm at the Revue Cinema. Tickets available right here.

I also wrote a thing for NOW about right-wing outrage forcing Universal Pictures to pull The Hunt from its release schedule, and how America has finally become a place where that decision is the responsible choice.

Anyway, come see Jaws. It’s Jaws. You’ll love it.

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