The Birds and The Boss

Two movies open today, just to mess with us. I’ve seen one of them, so that’s handy.

The Angry Birds Movie 2: I have not seen this one!

Blinded By the Light: Gurinder Chadha brings Springsteen to Luton.

And speaking of movies, TIFF just announced about a hundred more of them; I ran it all down at the NOW site, which ate up most of yesterday. Oh, and there was another thing I wrote, but you’ll see that tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: I’m screening Jaws at the Revue Cinema with my birthday buddy Paul Sun-Hyung Lee! You’re coming to that, right? Show starts at 6:45 pm, one of the greatest American movies ever made, et cetera et cetera. Join us! Tickets are on sale right here. And don’t worry, I’ll remind you again tomorrow.

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