Life of Crime

zweig headcoyleIt’s been six months since I launched Someone Else’s Movie, and I’m really happy with what the show has become. People seem to be responding to it, I’ve met some terrific people and have booked some really great guests for the rest of the year.

In fact, one of them is on this week’s show. Alan Zweig is a filmmaker I’ve admired for a really long time, and when the opportunity came along to snag him for a TIFF-timed episode … well, you’d best believe I jumped at it.

He picked The Friends of Eddie Coyle, which is one of those little, perfect movies I’d been expecting to come up in the course of the podcast — though I didn’t expect a documentarian  to select it. In retrospect it makes perfect sense, of course; shot entirely on location and immersing us completely in the story of Robert Mitchum’s broken-down bagman, Peter Yates’ minimalist drama is the crime picture is as cinema verite, and it was a pleasure to let Alan pull on that thread.

It’s up now on  iTunes and Stitcher, or you can get it straight from the site. It’s a good listen.

Oh, and also I talked to Patrick Stewart over the weekend, and he was a delight. But then he always is.

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