\There’s another four days of TIFF, but for all intents and purposes my festival madness ended yesterday. Now it’s all about repeat screenings and a few final premieres, picking up a couple of interviews here and there before the big awards ceremony on Sunday.

But now, of course, it’s time for the movies to roll into theatrical release — starting with Scott Cooper’s Black Mass, which opens tomorrow, and for which I sat down with Peter Sarsgaard on Sunday afternoon.

Elsewhere in the paper, you’ll find my Q&A with Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy from last year’s festival, when they brought The Editor to Midnight Madness. It’s opening at the Carlton tomorrow, a couple of weeks after the Scream Factory Blu-ray landed on American shelves. I will only say that it’s a lot more fun with a crowd.

And now, I must return to the festival. Two screenings and an interview today. Trust me, this is quiet.

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