Let Yourselves Be Challenged

... oh, and there's probably something in the closetAfter last week’s $50 million opening for “Jackass 3D” last week, the box-office stats stayed high for another week with the $41.5 million gross of “Paranormal Activity 2”. (UPDATE: My review is finally online!) “Jackass 3D” earned $21.6 million to take second place; Paramount, which distributed both pictures, must be feeling pretty good right about now.

Given that part of this week’s AP box-office story includes some concern that Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter” isn’t doing very well in wide release, is it worth noting that the week’s strongest pictures — a highly conceptual horror movie and an extreme-stunts documentary — are highly unconventional? And that audiences have responded to these films better than anything since “Inception” … which itself was highly unconventional?

Nah, probably not. “RED” — which is awfully conventional, though very entertaining — is holding the third-place slot, and next weekend “Saw 3D” will come roaring in and order will be restored. But it’s nice to imagine a better, more interesting landscape, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Let Yourselves Be Challenged”

  1. So, that “Paranormal Activity 2” review you written hasn’t gone up yet, so far as I can tell. Any reason why?

  2. It’s just timing — I filed it late on Friday, because I waited for the first “IMAX format” screening at the AMC, about which more later. It should make its way to the NOW website any minute now.

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