Kneel Before Zod

… okay, Michael Shannon isn’t that intense. Nor would he want you to think of him that way. But he is playing Zod in the new Superman movie, and he did talk about it a little during our TIFF interview in support of Jeff Nichols’ excellent new film “Take Shelter”. So there you go.

I also got to sit down with Nichols — that Q&A will be online later today, and I’ll post the link when it’s live — and then of course there was my chat with Jessica Chastain.

I also reviewed a few titles in this week’s Planet in Focus festival: “Revenge of the Electric Car“, which kicked off the fest last night and opens in regular release tomorrow; “Brick By Brick: The Story of the Evergreen Brick Works“, the odd but engrossing “Darwin” and “Portrait of Resistance: The Art & Activism of Carole Conde and Karl Beveridge“.

Hey, I’ll be presenting that last one on behalf of NOW tonight at the ROM. Tickets should still be available; why not come down, if it strikes your fancy?

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