Just Your Average Friday …

… in the first weekend of TIFF, that is. So I’m a tad busy. But there are still movies opening out there in the rest of the world, even if there’s just two of them. Shall we?

“The Cold Light of Day”: Bruce Willis is in Toronto to launch “Looper”, and will thus be on the front page of every entertainment section in the city this morning. Will there ever be a better time to dump this European action thriller, in which he appears for a couple of scenes? No, don’t bother to screen it for the press. We all know the score.

The Words“: Here is a movie which appears to have all the trappings of a TIFF gala — big-name stars (including Bradley Cooper, who’s got two other pictures at the festival), a literary theme (suggesting great emotion and intelligence) and a mystery at its core. Trouble is, it’s also crap.

And there you go. Now I’ve got to go talk to Bella Swan, Johnny Smith and Guy Fleegman, among others. It’s gonna be a good day.

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