It’s Been That Kind of Weekend

“The Possession”, a scary movie about a haunted box, topped the box office this weekend, earningĀ $17.7 million to knock “The Expendables 2” out of the number-one spot it had occupied for the last two weeks.

“The Expendables 2” grossed $8.8 million, putting it in third place behind “Lawless”, which brought in about $9.7 million. This being the Labor Day weekend, no one much cares about anything … though there’ll be a few stories about how badly “The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure” fared, since its piddly $448,000 take marksĀ the worst opening mass-marketed opening since 2008’s “Delgo”. (What is “Delgo”, you may ask? Precisely.)

Meanwhile, “Premium Rush” made about $3.9 million, which didn’t even get it into the top ten. What the hell is wrong with people?

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