It’s All Too Much

That's right, keep smilingDamn you, Onion AV Club!

Week after week, the writers continue to think up movie-related list pieces that show up my paltry contributions to Sympatico/MSN for the, um, paltry contributions they are.

Their latest: “24 Great Films Too Painful to Watch Twice“.

As usual, the comments are at least as interesting as the article, I wouldn’t have thought to include “Begotten” on this particular list, but now that you mention it …

2 thoughts on “It’s All Too Much”

  1. Well, there’s an, um, unpleasant list. I agree with the commenters who added Testament, Fat Girl, Dead Ringers and Last Exit To Brooklyn. There were so many comments there I don’t know if I missed it but The War Zone would be at the very top of my list. So harrowingly truthful. I hope I never have reason to watch it again.

  2. Let’s not forget Salo, Pixote, and the Hiroshima-inspired Black Rain. Maybe Tideland as well, for those who might admire it…

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