In Conversation

It's the hint of a smile that makes him so threateningThe new issue of NOW is on the stands, and in it you’ll find me interviewing three very different talents. First, there’s Chris Morris, the satirical genius behind “The Day Today”, “Brass Eye” and “Jam”, whose new film “Four Lions” finally makes it to Toronto screens this week. Fourteen minutes just wasn’t enough time, man.

Next, there’s character actor William Fichtner, who co-stars in “Drive Angry” and is a hell of an interesting guy; check out the audio clips for a fascinating discussion of the pros and cons of “Prison Break”.

And then there’s Bobby Farrelly, who with his brother Peter perfected the gross-out rom-com in the 1990s with “There’s Something About Mary”, and has been struggling to re-create that formula ever since. Nice guy, really. I just wish I liked his movie more … or, you know, at all.