Getting “Get Low”

Sometimes I just sets and thinks ...My latest MSN DVD column throws a spotlight on “Get Low”, which I get to address at considerably greater length than I did when it opened theatrically last August. (Here’s my NOW interview with director Aaron Schneider, for additional texture and context.)

If you’re too busy to read the column, here’s the skinny: “Get Low” is really good, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a bunch of stupid losers for not recognizing Robert Duvall with the Best Actor nomination he richly deserved.

But surely you can find time to read the column, right? I mean, you don’t just come here for the condensed versions, do you? That’d be weird.

2 thoughts on “Getting “Get Low””

  1. I’m sure others, like me, also come for the embedded comments in the pictures. I check your column every day before (BEFORE, mind you) lolcats. High honour, indeed.

  2. I’ll do my utmost to be worthy of the confidence you’ve shown in me. And yeah, the image tags are kind of a guilty pleasure — thanks for noticing!

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