In Advance of the Actual Nominations …

Your disapproval is noted, sirOver at Salon, Andrew O’Hehir’s done the same sort of Oscar wish list I wrote for the NOW site yesterday, though his is all slide-showy and interactival and stuff.

He’s come up with a few names I now wish I’d though to include — Greta Gerwig in “Greenberg” and Chloe Grace Moretz and Richard Jenkins in “Let Me In” and “Fish Tank” director Andrea Arnold, among others. We both give mad props to Pierce Brosnan in “The Ghost Writer” and Kiera Knightley in “Never Let Me Go”, though for some reason he didn’t see fit to include their co-stars, as I did.

And his shout-out to Emma Stone in “Easy A” makes me wish I hadn’t dropped her from my own list, along with supporting players Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson, when the piece looked to be running too long. I am suitably shamed; all three of them really are great, and in cutting them because the film’s a comedy and thus less likely to be taken seriously by the Academy, am I not just playing that very same game? I believe I am.

Hey, it’s a miserably cold weekend and going outside is certain death … why not spin that up tonight? You can thank me in the morning.