Imagine No John Lennon

I'm not thereYeah, it’s fun to argue with anonymous cranks, but let’s not forget the important stuff: Today is the 27th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon.

I haven’t talked about it here much — it hasn’t really been relevant to anything — but I’ve spent quite a bit of time shuttling back and forth between Toronto and New York over the last few months, always staying in the Upper West Side when I’m there.

The Dakota is on the Upper West Side, too. It’s a gorgeous, quietly ornate building with a subway entrance right alongside it. If you take the A or the C train, you will eventually get off at that station, and walk out blinking into the sunshine. And once or twice a week, I expect, it hits you.

Oh, right. That happened here.

Found via Boingboing: A letter to John from Yoko, expressing the essential sentiment of the day.

That’s it, really.