I’m Disappointed

Rocking the 21st century GinsuThe numbers are in: Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” pulled in $31 million over the traditionally quiet Labour Day weekend, making it a bona fide smash despite being pretty damn awful. (Metro has yet to put my review online, but you can find it in the PDF version of the paper, downloadable here.)

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the online version.

I mean, not that I’d have wanted you to go see “Death Sentence” instead or anything, but … aw, jeez, couldn’t y’all send more love to “The Nanny Diaries”?

Anyway, lesson learned: There’s still a market for empty exercises in sado-porn. Which means the future looks bright for “Saw IV”.

Can you blame me for retreating to the wonderful world of subtitles? Really? Can you?