I Guys

"I Origins" New York PremiereIn this week’s NOW, I talk to actor Michael Pitt and writer-director Mike Cahill about their new collaboration, the philosphical sci-fi drama I Origins. Be sure to play the audio clips to hear Pitt straight-up fucking with me and Cahill doing his best to play along.

I also do my best to do justice to TIFF Cinematheque’s Jim Jarmusch retrospective in the space of 350 words, and talk to Jarmusch’s partner Sara Driver about TIFF’s parallel retrospective of her own work. (Jarmusch shot her creepy adaptation of Paul Bowles’ You Are Not I, so it’s totally justifiable.)

Also, if you’ve been meaning to see Boyhood, you might want make time to check out the 6:20 pm screening at the Varsity. I’m just saying.

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