I Believe the Children Are the Future …

You seem surprised. You do realize I'm adorable, ys?… of the box-office, anyway. The surprisingly subversive “Hop” bounded to first place at the megaplex this weekend with a $38 million take — more than “Battle Los Angeles” made in its first three days, if you feel like comparing apples to oranges — and will do very nice things for Russell Brand and James Marsden, I hope.

In other new-release news, “Source Code” grossed $15 million to place a distant second; “Insidious” came in third with $13.5 million. Can’t say I’m terribly surprised; one has a pretty geeky premise and the other is hard to break down to a high-concept pitch (unless you try “‘Poltergeist’, but quieter”). And the bunny movie is the most satisfying of the three.

By the way, did I hear correctly? Did it snow in Toronto yesterday? Sheesh. I’m in Manhattan, where the worst thing that can happen is a Cloverfield Monster attack.

(Shhh, I’m irony-proofing. If you say it, then it can’t come true!)

One thought on “I Believe the Children Are the Future …”

  1. It DID snow. After seeing the ‘bubberfilm’ The Chase (1966) at the Lightbox, I walked into what resembled giant wet rags coming down in droves. They made felty ‘smacking’ sounds on my umbrella before sliding like wet goo onto the street, where the evil white wet stuff turned into water.

    BTW: Did you have to quote a Whitney Houston song? It won’t leave my brain now.

    :- I

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