Also, there is an espresso machineThe following is not a paid advertisment. Honest.

I’m heading to New York for a junkety thing — about which more later, obviously — and flying Porter for the first time. Tiny little plane, yes, but thus far the experience has been terrific.

Got to the Island airport ten minutes after stepping out my front door. Shot through security (okay, bad word choice, but you know what I mean) and was in the lounge in about four minutes. Now I’m just waiting for them to call my flight. Flying out in the early morning probably helps the experience immensely — there’s NOBODY here — but damn, this is preferable in almost every way to the Pearson/Air Canada experience. No exorbitant cab fee (or attendant fears about delays on the Gardiner, 427 and/or 401, no jostling for position in line with a hundred other people, and security officers who aren’t frazzled from the meat-grinder experience of processing an infinite number of people.

Just a calm, coordinated operation. I’ve done a lot of flying in the last few years, and now I get why people complain about Pearson. Yes, there’s an economy-of-scale thing going on, but it could be so much better.

I’m just saying, if one has to fly into Newark, one should at least be able to start that journey from a calm, comfortable place.

Catch you later!

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  1. Damn, the title got my hopes up for something else. Did you at least fly Firefly class?

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