I Am Not Yet Dead …

We miss James McAvoy, we truly do… although I kind of feel like my own corpse at the moment. Cannes is hard. I’ve been here three full days and have seen fifteen movies. I think I can even remember most of them.

Anyway, posts are going to be pretty brief here, since I’m putting most of my energy into the blog posts I’m writing over on the NOW site; here’s Day Three, in which I find myself close enough to Mike Freakin’ Tyson that he could have killed me with a casual flex of his bicep.

There was supposed to be a photo with that, but it doesn’t appear to be rendering right now. I’ll see whether I can get that fixed. Oh, and also, here’s that interview I did with the kids from Reel Ideas Studio — I’m pretty sure the video is slightly accelerated, as I wasn’t on coke when we shot it.

(This is not to suggest I’m on coke now, either. Because I’m not. Drugs are bad, stay in school.)

Also also: My “Prince Caspian” review went online sometime in the last 24 hours, but I’ve only just noticed. Because Cannes is hard.

2 thoughts on “I Am Not Yet Dead …”

  1. If you run into Woody, maybe you could mention that sometimes incisive commentary tracks for earlier, better movies are a better use of time than…well, you get the drift.

  2. Your comment that Prince Caspian “feels like the work of a hack rushing to make his release date, handing off scene after scene to the second-unit guys in order to stay on schedule” is exactly how I would describe the first Narnia film. I fully expect this one to gross another hundred billion dollars.

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