Hungry for Games expected, Divergent topped this weekend box-office with a $56 million debut; Veronica Roth ‘s loyal readership showed up in droves and gave this franchise the launch that the Beautiful Creatures, Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy pictures couldn’t achieve.

What wasn’t expected was the really soft opening for Muppets Most Wanted, which placed second with a disappointing $16.5 million. Given that their 2011 vehicle opened with nearly twice that, this means Disney might flinch at the thought of future Muppet movies … though the property itself is really strong, so maybe we’ll just get another run of the show. (Which is what Jason Segel was hoping for all along.)

Maybe sorta expected: The Veronica Mars movie slipped out of sight, as fans holed up with their digital downloads. But it was a limited release, so Warner’s expectations couldn’t have been too high. And it’s not like it has to make back its cost.

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