How Is It Friday?

… well, I’ll tell you how: As soon as the festival was over, I was asked to work on another thing that’s turned out to take up a lot of time. It’s okay! It’s a good thing! But it’s had the unfortunate result of pushing the weekly blog update out of my mind every time I sit down at the computer.

Still, better late than never and all, and you don’t want to miss this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie! I talked to Winnipeg filmmaker Deco Dawson, whose excellent first feature Diaspora premieres Saturday evening at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal, about his love for Jacques Tati’s 1958 comedy Mon Oncle, and what it says about humanity then and now. (Deco works in a similar vein, as it turns out, and you should really catch Diaspora whenever it’s available to you.)

Want to listen? Of course you do! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher or wherever and get the episode right away, or download it directly from the web and have total control over the file like a rebel. (Sorry, I’ve been watching Andor.)

And then you can catch up on last week’s editions of Shiny Things,  featuring my reviews of Bros and Smile and a whole whack of world-cinema restorations from Criterion and Arrow. And because I’m late on blogging, the first of this week’s editions is already out, featuring my review of The Shark is Broken — which I know is a play and therefore in no way a Shiny Thing, but they do use a pretty nifty video projection gimmick so I made an exception.

And that, I think, gets us up to speed. Enjoy the long weekend, and I’ll do my best to have something waiting for you Tuesday morning.

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