Horror with a Pedigree

Good morning, everyone! A couple of MSN Movies galleries for my first lazy Saturday in a good long while …

First,  in honor of Jennifer Lawrence and Elisabeth Shue starring in “House at the End of the Street” this week, a guide to other horror movies that have used real actors — sometimes even on purpose! (And yes, I left out “Dream House”. Wouldn’t you have done the same?)

And then, a bluffer’s guide to the monsters of “Hotel Transylvania” for MSN’s special section on that movie. Feel free to argue over my picks for the best representation of a given beast,  though I think I’m on solid ground with Christopher Lee’s Dracula as the epitome of that particular nightmare. Gary Oldman was a little on the weepy side, you know?

Oh, and if you’re planning to visit The Word on the Street tomorrow afternoon, come by the NOW booth between 2 and 3 pm and say hello. We can argue about “The Master”, if you feel that’s necessary.

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