Home Again, And Just As Frantic

I’m back from London and diving straight into a crap-ton of upcoming stuff — there are just so many film festivals on the way, you have no idea — but the movies will not be stopped. So, speaking of diving in …

Captive State: Aliens invaded. We lost. Now what?

Five Feet Apart: Haley Lu Richardson gets a drama. [Marianna]

Ghost Town Anthology: Denis Côté’s latest is slow, creepy. {Jose

Gloria Bell: Leilo remakes himself, with Julianne Moore. [Susan]

Level 16: Dystopian drama starts strong, but weakens.

To Dust: Of life, death and Matthew Broderick.

Woman at War: Icelandic eco comedy. Twee as fuck.

Wonder Park: “Inside Out, but a theme park!”

Oh, and I also took a look at Netflix’ Turn Up Charlie, which features Idris Elba at his most charmingly perplexed. You should check it out.

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