Heroes and Fish Villains

This week’s Superhero Nonsense! is up on the NOW site, discussing Warner’s announcement of a new Supergirl movie and how difficult it’s likely to be to find anyone who can play that character better than Melissa Benoist. (The headline does not fully represent my argument, for what it’s worth.)

I also assembled a few shark movies in advance of The Meg, just to get everyone ready for the sight of Jason Statham punching a shark in the face, and later today you’ll see the newest installment in our screening spotlight series — which is MDFF’s presentation of Thirst Street at the Lightbox this Thursday night — and a rundown of TIFF’s Platform program. I’ll update those when they go live.

Oh, and I appear on this week’s episode of Jeremy LaLonde’s Black Hole Films podcast, discussing the spectacularly awful Logan’s Run with Steve McCarthy and Saul Pincus. We had a lot of fun, even if the movie was worse than I remembered. Which, honestly, I didn’t think could be possible.

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