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Isn’t it always the way?

Toronto’s public-transit workers walked off the job on what looks to be the hottest day of the year, plunging the city into gridlock and generally screwing up everyone’s day.

(Breaking news: The strike’s been resolved, and by this evening it’ll be like the work stoppage had never happened, except for all the glaring passengers filing past the bus and streetcar drivers.)

Sure, it was kind of fun to walk straight through Queen’s Park Circle on my way to the Varsity this morning without breaking stride — just a matter of weaving around several dozen gridlocked cars — but really, a nice air-conditioned subway car would have been preferable. One is not supposed to show up for a morning screening in a dripping sweat. It’s unprofessional.

On the upside, though, the movie was set in in Swaziland, so at least I was suitably acclimatized to the atmosphere by the time the film rolled.

9 thoughts on “Heat”

  1. I totally think bringing ‘sensation’ into cinema is the next new thing. (Meaning, you wouldn’t have to work up a sweat to enjoy more fully your movie; the theatre would have done it for you as part of the tab.)

    A theater in Tokyo recently emitted scents and smells of the forest into the cinema at various points in THE NEW WORLD.

    So who’s to say that reducing the air-conditioning, cranking up the heat, making things smell bad, then worse, isn’t the way that the movie-going experience will develop as the theatre chains try to keep us away from our DVDs…

    Fun blog. Keep it up!

  2. While the early New York pizzerias had been forced to sell by the slice to draw lunchtime business, most pies outside the five boroughs were sold whole, making it nearly impossible to eat pizza alone (although Jackie Gleason attributed his girth to having accomplished the feat many times, sometimes within the span of a single meal).
    The premise of Caesar’s skit quickly became dated as Tom Monaghan institutionalized the innovation that transformed America’s infatuation with pizza into a lasting relationship: home delivery.

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