Going for Gold

Remember how the studios used to keep Oscar weekend quiet, to give people a little more time to catch up on the nominated films?

Yeah, they don’t do that any more.

Eddie the Eagle: Taron Edgerton gurns up to play Eddie Edwards, whose obsession with competing in the Olympics — and general lack of athletic prowess — led to a heartwarming moment at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics. Basically it all comes down to Hugh Jackman and his quiet wonderfulness.

Gods of Egypt: Alex Proyas’ first film since the debacle of 2009’s Knowing finds mortal Brenton Thwaites caught in a war between ancient deities, or something. Gerard Butler’s in it, so you know they’re going for that 300 glory. Rad reports they missed the mark.

The Last Man on the Moon: Eugene Cernan was indeed the last human being to visit our moon, and he gets his due in Mark Craig’s admiring documentary, which played Doc Soup last year and now returns for a proper theatrical run at the Bloor. Go see it.

The Messenger: Su Rynard’s documentary looks into the mystery of vanishing songbirds; you’re not going to like what she finds. (Susan likes the doc, though, as do I.)

A Perfect Day: Benicio del Toro, Tim Robbins and Melanie Laurent are among the well-meaning aid workers trying to make the Balkans a better place in Fernando León de Aranoa’s dramedy, which José notices stems from the same observational humanism that powered the director’s earlier Mondays in the Sun.

Triple 9: John Hillcoat’s latest cops-and-robbers picture bites off a lot more than it can comfortably chew, sending its all-star cast racing around Atlanta screaming about loyalty and obligations and stuff. You’ve been here before, and it was more interesting.

Where to Invade Next: Michael Moore’s latest act of bumpkinry finds him galumphing around the world looking for social programs the U.S. would do well to adopt. Once again, I agree with everything he’s saying, but I wish he’d stay off my side.

There, you’re good to go. But if I’m being honest, Only Yesterday and The Reflecting Skin are the real must-sees this week. Check ’em out, why not. And keep an eye on my Twitter feed Sunday night, where I’ll be live-complaining about the Oscars. It’s a living.

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