Go Panda! Go!

I know, I know: What’s with all the Friday bonus episodes of Someone Else’s Movie? Well, I had most of this month off and there were a lot of very talented people making things, so here we are.

Today, it’s Nathalie Younglai, a writer and producer you may know from shows like Coroner and Ruby and the Well; she’s also the co-creator, co-writer and executive producer of Hello (Again), a really charming web series that drops in its entirety on CBC Gem today.

It stars Alex Mallari Jr. — whom you may have noticed earlier this month smacking Ryan Reynolds upside the head in The Adam Project or working through a tragedy as a free climber in Transplant — as a cook who’s given the opportunity to fix the relationships he’s neglected in his life after an encounter with a weird little girl. It’s sweet and moving, and as time-loop comedies go it’s awfully smart. Take a look.

Nathalie picked another tale of supernatural complication: Turning Red, Domee Shi’s delightful Pixar feature about Mei Ling, a confident, mildly goofy 13-year-old girl whose life is derailed by the  discovery that she poofs into a giant red panda whenever she gets overly emotional. Nathalie gets into that metaphor, and a few other things, in a really delightful conversation. So join us!

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Sorry about all the local references, but you know how Toronto people get when we see ourselves on screen. Even when we’re rendered as kaiju pandas. Maybe especially then.

Oh, crap, I almost forgot: This Sunday is the last Secret Movie Club of the season! So if you want to come down to the Lightbox and see what will absolutely be one of the most talked-about pictures of 2022 … well, you should do that. Show starts at 10 am! Tickets are still available, somehow! Say hi when you see me!

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