Four. Five. Oh.

Yep, you read that right: Someone Else’s Movie has just released its 450th episode. And I know numbers don’t mean anything and the real milestone is the friends we made along the way — which is actually true, in this case — but it’s nice to have reached this one. I’ve been making this thing for eight years now, and I’m proud of it and more importantly, it’s still fun.

This week’s episode exemplifies why that is, as Sean Gunn of Gilmore Girls, The SpecialsThe Belko Experiment and most recently the Guardians of the Galaxy movies joins me to tackle a movie he holds near and dear to his heart, and which I cannot believe no one’s picked before: Robert Altman’s Nashville, the sprawling 1975 American epic that we’d call his masterpiece if he hadn’t also made McCabe and Mrs. Miller or The Long Goodbye before it, and Secret Honor and Vincent & Theo and The Player and A Prairie Home Companion afterward. So let’s just call it a masterwork, and let Sean explain why he loves it so.

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… really, though, after this many episodes, how have you not subscribed already? Have you been in a hypersleep pod? If so, welcome back! Sorry we have still Nazis.

Also, if you were asleep you might have missed the news that I’ve started a newsletter? Shiny Things is on a slightly erratic publishing schedule at the moment due to more of the same stuff we were dealing with last week, but I’m plugging away at it whenever I can. Over the weekend I wrote about Criterion’s new editions of Targets and Petite Maman, Arrow’s resuscitation of John Woo’s long-forgotten Hand of Death and Film Movement’s restoration of Shohei Imamura’s kinky, quirky Warm Water Under a Red Bridge. Fun for all! Subscribe right here and get caught up; the next one’s coming very soon, I swear.

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