All Out Action

So last week on Someone Else’s Movie we did half an hour on Robert Altman’s epic Nashville; for this week’s episode, actor and filmmaker Dan Abramovici and I talk about Stanley Tong’s Supercop for twice as long.

Look, life is random and how are you not going to find things to say about a picture where Michelle Yeoh jumps a goddamn motorcycle onto a goddamn moving train?  Anyway, give it a listen, I’m sure you’ll find Dan just as engaging as I did.

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And back in the present, the Shiny Things production line is hobbling along: Paid subscribers got a couple thousand words on Creed IIIShazam! Fury of the Gods and Cocaine Bear a few days ago.

I aim to be back up to full speed later this week, so make sure your subscription is up to date and you won’t miss a thing. You’ve subscribed, right? Why are you even here?

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