“Every Couple Months, Someone Throws Something at Me.”

That was the biggest, angriest bird I've ever seenWith “Everybody’s Fine” and “Up in the Air” opening against each other this weekend, my latest MSN movie gallery takes a more introspective turn, looking at other American movies about disconnected characters.

Yep, I will do whatever it takes to drag “The Weather Man” back into relevance. Also, Jason Reitman cited it as an inspiration for “Up in the Air” when we spoke at TIFF — even quoting chunks of Cage’s monologue from memory. Got the voice right and everything.

3 thoughts on ““Every Couple Months, Someone Throws Something at Me.””

  1. I’ve seen most of the movies on this list…it’s one of your best ever. I think I’d like to retroactively slot The Station Agent somewhere on my best of the 2000’s list. The phrase “pee-drinking man-fish” is so succinct I wonder if it was used in the initial pitch for its movie. And seeing that younger James Spader, I have the very entertaining mental image of him ending the movie up on the balcony with William Shatner/Denny Crane dramatically…recounting…Captain…Kirk’s…sexual…conquests.

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