Episode Seven

3958902423001_videoStillImage2012_CTEK_August_PlanesTrains_613x463… no, not The Force Awakens, but a brand new episode of Someone Else’s Movie!

This week, Toronto Star food columnist Corey Mintz — who worked on some movies when he was younger and thus totally qualifies as a guest, so shut up — looks at an old favorite: John Hughes’ Planes, Trains & Automobiles. It’s a film I’ve taken it for granted for the last quarter-century or so, which made for an interesting conversation.

As always, you can find the episode on iTunes and Stitcher, or download it directly right here. And pour one out for good ol’ Del Griffith when you have a chance.

One thought on “Episode Seven”

  1. Two comments on this episode:

    1) I think the both of you have forgotten that Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis did try to remake Planes, Trains with Due Date. An easily forgotten movie, to be sure. As I recall, it did offer some perfunctory reason why the whole plot couldn’t be resolved in 30 seconds with a phone call. Something about Downey’s phone and wallet being stolen, I think. I didn’t say it was a good reason…

    2) At some point, you need to have someone on your show who will defend Spaceballs against you. No, it’s not a classic or anywhere in the same league as Young Frankenstein or Blazing Saddles, but it’s made with genuine affection and I think that, in the final tally, more of the jokes hit than miss. That endless spaceship flying over the camera is great.

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